Women and Children's Transitional Housing
Our Vision
In 2020, the Dashmesh Culture Centre acquired 198, 202 & 206 Saddleback Road NE from the City of Calgary, to provide transitional housing to vulnerable women and children.

In partnership with our community, we would like to empower and support women and children to move beyond violence and abuse through the safety of transitional housing, education, and outreach services. We believe it is everyone’s human right to live without fear of physical or emotional abuse. Women in our society, when relieved from the pressure of an abusive home environment, and given the opportunity and encouragement, can develop their full potential to live a full and rich life. This project will provide a safe and secure refuge for women and their children.

Our proposed Women’s transitional housing project is designed to provide them the comforts of home and allow them to access to resources to help them have successful and safe futures for themselves and their children. Residential units will be designed for short and long-term accommodations.
Project Scope
The Scope of the project is to develop up to 71 small residential suites, which will be over seven stories. There will be approximately 3,000 square feet of main floor commercial space that is intended to be immediately supportive to the residents.

The driving motivation behind the design and planning of the project to provide the maximum level of service to address a recognized need within the community.
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
The commercial area of the Women’s Transitional Housing Project will be occupied by businesses which are dedicated to serving women and children. The residents will have access to doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, non-profit social program based agencies, and other service-based businesses that put women and children first.

There will be 24/7 professional concierge security on-site. All tenants and visitors will have to check in upon entering the building. In comparison to the residents, any “visitors” will be limited to essential service personnel need. The latest technology for security surveillance will be installed to monitor all areas of the building and surrounding exterior areas.
Benefits and Impact
One of the greatest achievements and sense of pride is the proposed Women’s and Children’s Transitional Housing Project in the community of Saddleridge. This is a project that our DCC Committee worked very hard to achieve with the supporting partners. The resulting economic and social impact of this project is priceless. There was a great need for a project that provided women and children in need a safe space so they could seek shelter and support they required.

The impact of this project once completed with last for decades. This project is to provide help and assistance to those in need but also to show that non-profit religious organizations can partner with city and government organizations to have a great impact in the communities they reside in. We hope Dashmesh Culture Centre has laid the foundation for other organizations to follow and that more projects like these will be created in the future.