About Us
Our History

The Dashmesh Culture Centre was built in 1987 with the help of community members, the City of Calgary, and the Alberta government at the time. Since then, we have been guided by the vision from the Sikh community in the early 80’s to provide a cultural center for the community to gather and build a better future for new generations.

Through the years, the DCC has grown to a membership of 15,000 plus, serving a community of 100,000 strong. From the vision of the community in the early 80’s to current times, we have flourished and provided a beautiful centre for the Sikh community to gather and celebrate all of our religious events.

DCC Vision

Our founding members’ vision was to create and run a Gurdwara that was in accordance with the core principles of Sikhism. Dashmesh Culture Centre has entrusted an elected Committee to ensure vision of Gurdwara. We are here to serve the Calgary Sikh Sangat (congregation) in a positive and inclusive manner.

DCC Mission

To achieve our Vision for our Dashmesh Culture Centre, we have made the following Mission Statement:
- To provide help and services to those in need.
- To be open to our community members and surrounding community members. Provide access to any individual and any time.
- To provide educational space for our community for both Sikhism and healthy life skills.
- To provide space for our community to gather. Provide support and positive interactions between community members.
- To promote the Sikh Religion, Sikh spirit and All aspects of Sikh culture including teaching language, kirtan and philosophies of the Sikhs.
- To provide services to our youth, adults and seniors which they require in a time of need.