Food Security Projects
DCC food bank
We here at DCC have had a free hot meal langar everyday since we have opened. So, we decided why not to expand that concept of the langar into something bigger like a food bank. The food bank has been helpful to the local northeast community but because of our partnerships we also have been able to help other communities in Calgary.
No Hungry Tummy
Dashmesh Culture Centre has been serving free hot meals but we here at DCC felt this wasn’t enough that we could expand this because of our resources. Now here at DCC we have started an initiative called no hungry tummy which is basically providing hot meals on the go. There has been a really positive response from the community with this initiative.
Donations Received & Given Out (lbs)
Donations Received
July 2021455
August 2021541
September 20212497
December 2021873
January 20225905
February 20221211
March 20224892
April 2022959
May 2022209
Total Donations In (lbs)17,540
Donations Given Out
July 2021643
August 20211160
September 20212010
October 20211891
November 20211988
December 20211096
January 20222736
February 20221581
March 20222357
April 20224029
May 20222133
June 20222228
July 20221538
August 20224590
September 20221584
October 20221024
November 20223103
December 20222029
Total Donations Out (lbs)