New Gurdwara Site
New Gurdwara Site
We are currently working towards having another Gurdwara Sahib site built within the city.

It will be located in close proximity to the Stonegate community in the Northeast.
Key Features of the New Site
  • No restrictions on social gatherings due to its closeness of the airport, large events will be able to be hosted as we please
         - Location of the new site will be ideal for hosting future Nagar Kirtan events
  • A designated 2-acre park area which will allow for recreational fields and gatherings pertaining to Gurdwara and community related functions
  • The location of the site was carefully selected in order to allow access to all major roadways:
    - Stoney Trail
    - Metis Trail
    - Country Hills Boulevard
    - Deerfoot Trail
  • Public transit will also be plentiful around this area
         - Current bus routes and future proposed C-TRAIN LRT lines will allow for easy access to seniors and people without access to personal vehicles
  • Proposed site is being purchased from Ronmor Developments
         - this site is part of a proposed master planned community of which Gurdwara Sahib will be a major anchor of the development