Community Garden
Courtyard Landscaping
We wanted to improve the aesthetics of our property as a whole (not just the building). We were hoping to change the landscape to create a more courtyard style appearance. We intended to make it more aesthetically welcoming and wanted to promote the maintenance of nature. We chose to encourage this by planting trees and some smaller plants as well.

While adding these new aspects to the property, we are expecting to begin more routine cleanups outdoors. We want to have good maintenance of these new plants and trees, and also keep cleanliness around the whole property a priority.

Along with this cleanliness and beautification, we wanted to add benches so elders on the property who are tired have a place to rest if need be or just enjoy a beautiful day for a little while.
DCC Community Garden
We wanted a place for the community to grow and take care of planets together. Also, a way of giving back by providing vegetable plants. The community garden helps create better social ties within the community. By building a community garden we are also promoting physical activity and mental health.